Someone grows plants, others pick and use them.  We all enjoy and share with comments, photos and thanks.  Find pick a flavour patches by typing ‘pick a flavour’ into google maps.  Get in touch about creating and registering your own pick a flavour patch.

IMPORTANT:  Growers and Pickers (both called pick a flavour friends) all agree to abide by these rules:


It all starts with Growers, of course!  Growers create their own pick a flavour patch by planting edible crops that they invite pick a flavour friends to pick and use.  They have certain guidelines and rules about their patch and how to maintain it:

  • Pick a flavour patches are ideally contained and at a raised height to ease picking and prevent animal fouling as well as retaining a physical boundary

  • The main pick a flavour identifying sign must be clearly displayed on the patch and can be ordered from us or we aim to be able to supply the artwork for you to make your own

  • Endeavour to keep the plants clearly labelled and free of weeds, and easily accessible for picking without having to climb or encounter harmful risks in the way

  • Plant labels can be made from a vast variety of sticks, clothes pegs, artistic materials

  • We aim to have pick a flavour patches registered by adding the locations plus photos to Google Maps.  If you can volunteer help with this process please do get in touch 

Pickers enjoy respectful picking access to the plants, without leaving the public land adjoining the pick a flavour patch.  They have certain guidelines and rules about picking and using these crops:

  • Most plants have prolonged picking periods when they are picked from full leaves and tips are picked out if starting to show signs of going to seed

  • Only take the small amount you need for your meal, to leave enough for others to enjoy

  • You should not need to leave the public footpath or pavement area to pick, as this may be trespass

  • To avoid damage, do not sit, climb or put undue pressure on structures containing the pick a flavour patch

  • Respect the favour as intended and enjoy the fresh plants without causing damage or a nuisance

  • Of course, some crops such as brambles will have thorns and branches that might swing and snag into people, but this is at the pickers own risk

  • Restrain animals from fouling the area

  • Keep the area clean from rubbish

  • If you can take water to water the plants when you pick, that is welcome in dry weather, but avoid watering over the leaves in sunshine as this can cause leaf burn

The small but important print:

  • Although growers endeavour to accurately label their plants and keep them weed-free, the responsibility for carefully identifying the plants, growing, picking and using them is entirely at each person’s own risk

  • A pick a flavour patch should be easily accessible for picking from a public right of way, without the need to leave the public area at all.  It does not concede a right of way over or on the patch itself.  pick a flavour patches may be entirely on private land

  • Many plants can cause allergies or problems to those touching or consuming them.  Those with certain medical conditions or using medications may need to avoid certain plants.  The risk and responsibility for picking and identifying and making safe use of the plants is entirely at the own risk of any person planting, picking or using the plants

  • We aim to share photos, videos, ideas, comments, thanks, questions, hints, tips and recipes etc to increase awareness of pick a flavour, encourage more people to create and use pick a flavour patches and create a vibrant community engagement around them.  If you can volunteer help with this in Facebook or Instagram, or on how to use #pickaflavour, please get in touch